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Books used in storytime that have been well received.

Shark Visor: Prop

A crafted visor in the shape of a shark's faceNeed:
Light Gray construction paper
Dark Gray paper
White paper (eyes)
White cardstock (teeth)
Black foam or paper (eye pupils)
Ellison Visor die (head)
Ellison Rod die, (eyebrows)
1 ⁵/₁₆  dia circle die/punch (eyes)
AccuCut Owl die (eye pupils)
Scissors to cut quick triangles (teeth)
Yarn  45 inches

Story: Yummy! Yummy! Food for My Tummy! by Sam Lloyd

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Paint Palette: Prop

Paper Plate
Scissors to cut plate with
Brown and White Paint
Sponge (or paint brush)
Different color scrapes of paper, foam, and fabric/felt

Story: Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom by Steve Smallman

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Elephant Puppet: Prop

Paper Plate constructed elephant puppet with hole for arm to come out for trunk

large paper plate
light blue paint (blue and white paint mix)
gray construction paper (ears)
white cardstock (tusks and eyes)
black construction paper (eye pupils)
AccuCut Oval Die (to make a hole for trunk)
Circles made from Custom die 3/4″ and AccuCut Planet Die

How the Elephant Got Its Trunk by Rudyard Kipling
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Strawberry : Prop

Strawberry Prop built of three peices: 3 halves and a stem

Red Felt (outside of strawberry)
Green Felt (leaves and stem)
Cardstock/Cardboard (inside of strawberry)
Pink or Red and White Paint (to paint inside of strawberry)
Yellow fabric paint (for strawberry seeds)
hot glue
Velcro tabs or magnet strips (to hold halves together until time to “cut” as well as to keep the stem and leaves on until “cutting” time)

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear by Don Wood
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Telling Time: Poem, Activities, and Stories

Clock Timeclock.face
by C.K. Emanuel

Need a little help telling the time?
Stare at the clock, face to face;
Follow the hands on the 12 hour climb.

Tallest to the back, wait in line!
First, the small hand speaks its number-
For it’s the hour hand’s turn to shine.

What you see is what you get;
In the case of the in-between,
The number just passed is a better fit.

Now for the big hand, you got it right!
It’s time to count the minutes past.
The minute hand is no cause for fright.

See the numbers on the clock,
Multiply them by the number 5,
Or, count by fives, let them rock!

At twelve, the hour begins,
Twelve becomes zero-zero
And everybody wins!

In the case of the in-between,
Add a one for each dot past.
Now the time is clearly seen.

Post includes: storyleads and an app
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Fish and Sea Creatures: Story Props


Felt of various colors
Google eyes (5 sets various sizes)
doll rods
velcro (inside of hat brim so can move from fish to fish)
2 bendy straws (crab arms; so crab can point)

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen; was created for this particular story though the characters were made more colorful and more generic for ease of reusing puppets later.
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