Strawberry : Prop

Strawberry Prop built of three peices: 3 halves and a stem

Red Felt (outside of strawberry)
Green Felt (leaves and stem)
Cardstock/Cardboard (inside of strawberry)
Pink or Red and White Paint (to paint inside of strawberry)
Yellow fabric paint (for strawberry seeds)
hot glue
Velcro tabs or magnet strips (to hold halves together until time to “cut” as well as to keep the stem and leaves on until “cutting” time)

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear by Don Wood

Additional Props Used:
Clown sunglasses (for when the strawberry was disguised)
box (to hide under)
grey paper chain (to lock up)
Cardboard/Foam board knife or plastic knife

Age Range: 18 mos to 6 years of age

Possible modifications: For the older kids, I had a lot of props and they took turns suggesting disguises or ways to hide the strawberry. We also used this book to talk about narrator’s goal and trustworthiness. There was a big debate on whether there really was a big hungry bear or just another small hungry mouse. This story could also be used to talk about division (divides in half).

If have small crowd, consider making mouse ears headbands for kids so that they are all mice hiding the strawberry from the bear.

Storyleads: While this prop was constructed with Wood’s classic picture book in mind, a basic strawberry may crop up in picnic stories, a twist on ant and the breadcrumb (particularly if hungry animals eat a bite out of the strawberry until there is only half a strawberry when ant arrives home), also the tale of the princess, the blind farmer, and the strawberry whose title and author I’ll add once I verify the correct name.


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