Shark Visor: Prop

A crafted visor in the shape of a shark's faceNeed:
Light Gray construction paper
Dark Gray paper
White paper (eyes)
White cardstock (teeth)
Black foam or paper (eye pupils)
Ellison Visor die (head)
Ellison Rod die, (eyebrows)
1 ⁵/₁₆  dia circle die/punch (eyes)
AccuCut Owl die (eye pupils)
Scissors to cut quick triangles (teeth)
Yarn  45 inches

Story: Yummy! Yummy! Food for My Tummy! by Sam Lloyd

Additional Props Used: Monkey tail belts, Carpet Squares for “islands”

Age Range: 3 to 8 years

Possible modifications: This particular prop was received so well it made a return to the Library a year later as one of the crafts for kids to make during our Shark Week celebration.

My original visor was made out of gray construction paper as I was relatively unconcerned about its longevity. However, using gray foam as the base would make the prop (or craft) last even longer. Another option is to use fabric to adapt a purchased visor/baseball cap from the store.

When making a head prop for the kids to use, I prefer disposable visors unless the hat is washable as a prevention the little critters that may tag along in children’s hair. However, for a craft that goes home, there is no such concern, and, if budget allows, the kids enjoy making something that will last through more than one playing.

Storyleads: Many stories feature sharks. I’m a Shark by Bob Shea is quite humorous and tagged with a spider finger puppet and the other fish props, would make a wonderful edition to any storytime about bravery or sharks or spiders.

Consider also a version of The Three Little Pigs where the wolf is substituted with a shark and the pigs with other fish/sea creatures. Instead of “blowing” the shark could swim fast in a circle causing the water current to knock down the various houses instead. The first two “weak” houses could be built from sand and sticks (from a sunken ship?) or even kelp. The third house could be made from stone or coral depending upon the kind of sea creature used.


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