Paint Palette: Prop

Paper Plate
Scissors to cut plate with
Brown and White Paint
Sponge (or paint brush)
Different color scrapes of paper, foam, and fabric/felt

Story: Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom by Steve Smallman

Additional Props Used: a Paint Brush

Age Range: 3 to 8 years

Possible modifications: This particular prop also started its library career as a craft, only later was it used for the story. It may easily go back to a simple craft. We hot-glued strands of black yarn to a straw for the craft “paint brush.”

When using this prop, we “painted” the children so each child became an animal. They loved being pretend painted. The story was modified so that each child could be painted, but there are a lot of animals out there with cool color designs that it was easy improvising as the story unfolded.

Since I was the monkey, I did allow for the children to take turns painting me. However, it would be just as easy to have a felt piece/stuffed monkey on hand to be painted instead.

If you are artistically inclined, consider putting up large white cut outs of the animals and painted them in front of the children. This story would also work well as a felt story, adding strips and colors to the animals as the story progresses.

Storyleads: There are many stories about painting and drawing. It could be adapted easily to suit. Perhaps consider a fairy painting the flower petals as a Spring story or painting the leaves on various trees- perhaps an modification of Fall Is Not Easy. If your Library participates in Easter celebrations, this prop would work well as the Easter Bunny’s paint for the Easter Eggs.


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