Elephant Puppet: Prop

Paper Plate constructed elephant puppet with hole for arm to come out for trunk

large paper plate
light blue paint (blue and white paint mix)
gray construction paper (ears)
white cardstock (tusks and eyes)
black construction paper (eye pupils)
AccuCut Oval Die (to make a hole for trunk)
Circles made from Custom die 3/4″ and AccuCut Planet Die

How the Elephant Got Its Trunk by Rudyard Kipling

Additional Props Used:Hand through hole to show "trunk" feature
Crocodile visor hat or Paper crocodile head

Age Range: 3 to 8 years

Possible modifications: This prop started its library career as a storytime craft. It was only after it was fashioned that the light bulb when the off and it was tied to  Kipling’s story. It needed, it would serve well as a craft without the story-tie in.

When acting out this story for older kids, I did have one be the elephant and another be the crocodile. The elephant child first only stuck their hand through. With the crocodile bit down, the rest of the arm was slowly “pulled” through. Word of Caution: Make sure the kids know ahead of time how much pulling is appropriate (as in not at all!).

For the younger kid set, I simply put a paper crocodile head on the floor and served the part of the elephant myself as I told the story. This worked well for them.

Storyleads: Besides Kipling’s story, this prop could be used in almost any elephant story. We even lined up several to act out Sharon, Lois, and Brahm’s “One Elephant” song.


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