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Telling Time: Poem, Activities, and Stories

Clock Timeclock.face
by C.K. Emanuel

Need a little help telling the time?
Stare at the clock, face to face;
Follow the hands on the 12 hour climb.

Tallest to the back, wait in line!
First, the small hand speaks its number-
For it’s the hour hand’s turn to shine.

What you see is what you get;
In the case of the in-between,
The number just passed is a better fit.

Now for the big hand, you got it right!
It’s time to count the minutes past.
The minute hand is no cause for fright.

See the numbers on the clock,
Multiply them by the number 5,
Or, count by fives, let them rock!

At twelve, the hour begins,
Twelve becomes zero-zero
And everybody wins!

In the case of the in-between,
Add a one for each dot past.
Now the time is clearly seen.

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