Book from the Library: Clapping Song

Who Took the Book from the Library Shelf
By CK Emanuel
To the tune of “Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?”

All: Who took the book from the library shelf?
Voice One: (Name of child or character) took of the book from the library shelf.
Voice Two (Accused child or character): Who, me?
All: Yes, you!
Voice Two: Couldn’t be!
All: Then who?

Return to beginning omitting first line. Continue as time/people allows. For last time run through, after “Yes, you!”

Last Voice: It’s true.
All: Good for you!

Add a clapping rhythm: Pat lap then clap hands together to the beat of the song, repeat until end of song.

Participation Age Range: 2 years to 8 years

Skills Utilized/Reinforced: Name recognition (own name) ; Knowledge of Library (It’s okay to take a book from the shelf) ; Fine motor skills (Clapping) ; Social Skills (knowing names of storytime friends)

Possible Modifications: This song can be led as a simple circle activity with each child’s name called off. The child might accuse another child or the storytime leader might call out names depending on size and age of the group.

A slight modification for older kids is to have all the kids sit with their hands behind them or with a bag in front. When they are “accused” they would either show their empty hands/bag as they say “Couldn’t be” or they pull out a clipart image of a book (or a real one) and say “It’s true.” If the circle is calling out names instead of the leader, consider having more than one book so the game is not prematurely called to a halt.

Another option is lining up stuffed animals or puppets to be accused. This shifts any “blame” and nervousness that goes along with it to the puppets. This works well with a class of very shy kids or those nervous to be singled out. The puppets could also have “bags” or simply respond in the basic circle variation.

Traditional Words:
    All: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Voice One: (name of a child in the circle) stole the cookie from the cookie jar.
Voice Two: Who, me?
   All: Yes, you!
Voice Two: Couldn’t be!
All: Then who?

Traditional Song Source: “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” Wikipedia. Accessed 6.30.15.

Themes: Library ; National Library Week ; Books ; Sharing ; Food ; Cookies/Dessert ; Mystery


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