Chewing Gum: Felt Board Activity


An old song revised.

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor
On the bedpost overnight ?
Do you dream of giant bubbles
and popping them with delight?
Do you wake ready to chew
at the first beam of light.

Does Red chewing gum lose its flavor
On the bedpost overnight.
Chomp! Pop! Pop! Eww!!!! (CLAP ON FIRST 3 WORDS)

Repeat verse for additional colors:

Source: “Lonnie Donegan: Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour.” Oldie Lyrics. Accessed 4.6.2015.

Why an Adaption and What Changes Were made?: I dimly recalled a bubble gum song that I thought was funny when I was growing up. Though all I could recall was sticking gum on the bedpost overnight. When I recently investigated, I discovered the lyrics (and youtube video) of Lonnie Donegan’s song.

I figured this was probably was what I remembered but the lyrics did not lend itself well to storytime format or the age group. It also appeared as if the song had two visual concepts going on at one time (gum/bride) that I was worried I would lose the younger kids. I really wanted a basic color exercise but thought the concept of gum on the bedpost too funny to “shelve” as it would help make the older kids sit through a basic color exercise. However, it needed to be boiled down into a consistent basic format.

I originally was going to use the chorus in its original format, and if you can it would also allow for right/left directions. If I ever have just a group of older kids, I do plan on trying it. However, for the younger I was worried about them actually swallowing their gum and reinforcing not listening. (For the class I have now, the line between pretend and reality is quite dotted.)
    Does your chewing gum lose its flavour
    On the bedpost overnight
    If your mother says don’t chew it
    Do you swallow it in spite
    Can you catch it on your tonsils
    Can you heave it left and right
    Does your chewing gum lose its flavour
    On the bedpost overnight

To make the pieces: I simply took our scrap felt pieces and rounded out the edges to make it look like chewed up gum. As you can see in the picture, the more pieces, the better the felt board will look like with you are finished. Just make sure the pieces are large enough to discourage swallowing.

Participation Age Range: 18 months to 8 years old

Skills Utilized/Reinforced: Color Recognition, Waiting for a Turn, Listening

Possible Modifications: Short on time, I once modified the verse to bring up two colors at a time.
Does Red and Blue gum lose its flavor…

It seemed to work out okay, though it would depend upon the size of your felt board and the number of same color pieces you handed out.

If you would prefer an even shorter activity (or really aren’t into singing), try just taking the verse and repeat it, leaving out the chorus entirely.

Themes: Food, Color, Bedtime, Morning, Waking Up, Gross


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