Painting a Merry-Go-Round: Felt Song

felt merry go round with colored horses

Words attributed to Kidsongs: Adapted Slightly
To the tune of: Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?

Oh Dear, what should the color be
Oh Dear, what should the color be
Oh Dear, what should the color be
Pierre can’t make up his mind

He’s painting a picture of
carousel horses
So many colors and so many choices
Should he pick purple or should he
pick yellow
To color the first horse in line?

(Repeat chorus)

Source: “Free Lyrics.” Kidsongs. Accessed 2.24.15.

Why an Adaptation and What Changes Were Made?: The original song, as put out by Kidsongs, has two verses. To make the song more interactive, I had rolled out horses in different colors using AccuCut Horse #1 die. I only used the first verse and repeated it (with the chorus in between), and simply changed what colors were mentioned. It became our felt story with the kids bringing up the different color horses when the color was mentioned.

Participation Age Range: 18 months to 5 years old ;  (6 to 17 months if the pieces are only handled by the Storytime Leader.)

Skills Utilized/Reinforced: Color Recognition, Waiting for a Turn, Listening, Vocabulary Building (Carousel vs Merry-go-round)

Possible Modifications: I prefer to use the felt horses, however, the very first time I used this song, I cut out carousel horses using Microsoft clipart. Using Microsoft Word, I simply recolored the images.

This song is particularly fun to do if you prepare a bottom and top for the carousel. When all the horses are added, it makes a really impressive merry-go-round. However, the felt board also looks very cool without a top and bottom if the number of kids (or material available) warrant it.

Additionally, if a larger crowd is attending your event, there may not be enough material for everyone to get a horse.

The second verse of the original song did not play out well for felt peices. Therefore, I modified a second verse to bring up saddles, by taking lines from the original and combining them with my own. If you are not comfortable cutting out a saddle shape, a half circle will work if you tell the kids ahead of time.

Should the saddles be green
Or should he pick blue?
A merry-go-round with rainbow horses
He’s painting a picture that’s chock
full of colors
Oh Pierre, he just can’t decide!

Below is an example of the board with the top and bottom merry-go-round. On the right, is an example of the horses with saddle pieces.

felt colored horses and felt saddles on felt horses

An additional activity is sometimes fun to tack on the end. My kids then pretended they were riding the horse and we went in a circle first slow then faster then slower again.

Themes: Colors ; Horses ; Art ; Painting ; Merry-go-round ; Amusement Parks ; Making Things ; Create ; Decisions ; Vacation (as in things you may do on vacation) ; Circle (horses move in a circle)


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