Planets: Action Activity

Eight Planets
Words By CK Emanuel

Assign each child a planet in our solar system. Choose either a child/staff/object to be the sun. Who doesn’t love spinning? Have the children act according the the following words.

Eight planets spinning, spinning.
Eight planets spinning in space.

Turning, turning
Some go fast,
Some go slow,
One spins backwards, way to go!

When I shout your planet
run behind the sun;
Make a revolution
End where you’d begun.


Participation Age Range: 4 years to 8 years; Family Storytime

Skills Utilized/Reinforced: Gross motor skill ; Opposites ; STEM ; Astronomy ; Laterality/Directionality

Possible Modifications: When I led this activity during storytime, each planet was represented in multiples so that every child was in motion. However, each planet could be assigned to a single child. Specific planet attributes (for example, Venus turning backwards), could be singled out for the child representing that planet. The revolutions could also be graphed out with chalk or tape so that each planet travels on its own revolution- perhaps scaled to show how far the planet travels in comparison to others.

Themes: Space, Astronomy, Planets, Number 8, Motion, Movement


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