Fox: Prop and Game

FoxInTheBoxFox in the Box
Words by: Unknown
May be sung to The Farmer in the Dell
Actions: Children clap to beat

The fox is in the box.
The fox is in the box.
The fox is in the white box.
The fox is in the box.

– No, the fish is in the box.

Source:   (with some slight modifications)

Construction paper in the primary and secondary colors
Ellison Bag #1 3D die ; rolled out bottom twice so “bags” had lid and became boxes
Various clipart images of animals

How to play: In my modification, the clipart animal images are hidden inside paper/cardstock boxes. The children are unaware which ones hold a fox. To play the game: everyone says the rhyme together. When it comes to the third line, the group as a whole drops out and the child whose turn it is says the line filling in their color choice. The group comes back on the fourth line as the single child opens the selected color box. That child then either confirms the fox was in the box or presents the image and name of the animal that was inside.

Participation Age Range: 18 mos to 5 yrs; Family setting

Skills Utilized/Reinforced: Colors; Animal recognition; Fine motor development (opening the box lid)

Possible Modifications: Original source had the rhyme “fox is on the box” and is a flannel activity using felt color squares and a fox working on directionality (on) and color.

Themes: Color, In/Out, Mystery, Letters X, F, or B


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