Train: Prop

2 cardboard boxes for engine (one to cut the pilot from)
1 cardboard box per train car
Butcher paper (wrap boxes)
2 fabric strips per box (shoulder straps)
4 small paper plates per box (wheel rims)
AccuCut Sand Dollar #2 die (to cut out center of wheel rims)
4 old cds/dvds per box (wheels)
paint for wheel rims
hot glue gun and glue-sticks
2 yellow foam circles (AccuCut Christmas Ornament #9)

Participation Age Range: 2 to 8 yrs

Skills Utilized/Reinforced: Gross motor skill (moving during story), Patience, Sound Effects of train (Car made the chugga chugga; Engine choo-hoo when and only when the story calls for the horn)

Possible Modifications: Jazz it up!

I used brown butcher paper to wrap the boxes, because I was recycling the background paper of a bulletin board. If I had the supplies, I’d use black for the engine, perhaps wrap a car in red for the caboose.

Consider adding a steam-pipe in the form of a painted paper cup to be tried on top of a child’s head with ribbon.

Storyleads: I’m Fast by Kate McMullan ; The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper ; How to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton ; I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track by Joshua Prince ; Little Puff by Margaret Hillert

Warning: Be prepared with a lot of story ideas or action activities. Everyone wanted to be the train!


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